Develop Your Goals and Succeed

You’ve invested in a membership at TMMKFitness. You’re ready to improve your health. Become better at your sport. Gain muscle tone. Be challenged to push through those self-imposed limits.

Whatever your motivation, partner with our degreed personal trainers to set realistic, ambitious goals and develop a customized plan to reach them. By using our trained, experienced staff, you’ll reach your objective faster and more safely than you could do on your own.

All of our trainers are certified by a nationally accredited personal training certification organization. We require this to ensure you receive the most up-to-date health information to maximize the results of your exercise program, your time and your investment.


All TMMKFitness members receive 5 Complimentary Personal Training Sessions, beginning with a comprehensive fitness assessment and movement efficiency screening.

Let one of our degreed and certified Personal Fitness Trainers get you started on the right track.

For scheduling, please see TMMKFitness Staff.

Movement Efficiency through Fusionetics

We can help our members move smarter, more efficient and healthier, reducing musculoskeletal injuries, with our movement efficiency solutions through Fusionetics. Initially designed for elite athletes, Fusionetics delivers an effective solution to prevent and reduce injuries, decrease pain and optimize health.

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